Promotional Materials

The most successful collection sites all have one thing in common... they all make a point of promoting themselves. It can be as simple as placing your battery recycling container in a high traffic area or at the point of sale. Consider placing a poster on the door to let people know that they can Recycle Batteries Here!

Some retail collectors make a point of telling every customer buying new batteries that they can recycle their used batteries the next time they come in.

Whatever you choose to do, we are here to help! We have a variety of promotional materials that you can download below.

Collection Site Promotion Kit

We also created a series of posters, each with a different message to encourage recycling. These posters are available in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" sizes. 

Download Letter Sizes (8.5" x 11")

Download Tabloid Sizes (11" x 17")

Social Media Posts

To compliment the posters, we also created Twitter and Facebook posts in .png format. These files are available as a .zip file. You can extract them using WinRar or another file extraction program.

Facebook Sizes (Zip File)

X Sizes (Zip File)

Curbside Media Kit

  • Newsprint advertisements (various sizes)
  • 30 Second Radio Ads
  • 30 Second Public Service Announcements
  • Various press releases
  • Online content and banner ads

A Curbside Media Kit is updated and shared with our collection partners bi-annually. If you would like to get a copy of it, please email us!

Download the Municipal Curbside Brochure.

Specialized Branding Options

We understand that some retail chains may have strict branding guidelines, Environmental 360 Solutions can assist you with your own branded program.

If you are interested in using our promotional materials, get in touch with an E360S representative today!

Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge

If your school is participating in the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge, we have a library of downloadable resources just for you! 

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Used batteries make up less than 1% of all waste found in municipal landfills. That 1% of batteries is responsible for 88% of all the toxic heavy metals found in the landfill.

Find out more about our technology and how together we are turning waste into a valuable resource.