Ontario's School Battery Recycling Challenge

Ontario's School Battery Recycling Challenge

Welcome to the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge!

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge is for elementary and secondary schools in the province of Ontario. If you want to do something great for the environment and have a chance to win great prizes, you've come to the right place! This challenge is brought to you by Raw Materials Company Inc.

Welcome Students!

If you are a student and your school is participating in the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge, you can register to win some great prizes. Please enter here.

Students Enter Here!
Students Enter Here!

Welcome Teachers!

Welcome to the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge!

If you are a teacher or work at one of Ontario's elementary or secondary schools, please enter here.

Teachers Enter Here!
Teachers Enter Here!

The OSBRC has raised an estimated:


OSBRC 5th Annual Challenge Leaderboards

OSBRC Pledge
Prize Pool

Estimated PRIZE POOL


School District Our Share
Bloomsburg Waterford gedsb 100%
Grand View Public School Sault ste. Marie ADSB 100%
H.M Robbins Public School Sault Ste. Marie ADSB 100%
Jarvis Community Christian School Jarvis Private 100%
Muskoka Christian School Utterson MCS 100%
Quintilian School Kingston IND 100%
Springfield Public School Springfield TVDSB 100%
St. Ann Catholic Elementary School, Fenwick Fenwick, Ontario NCDSB 100%
St. Mary Catholic High School Brockville CDSBEO 100%
Port Rowan Public School Port Rowan GEDSB 97%
Belleville Christian School - Private Belleville BCS 71%
Monsignor Michael O'Leary Bracebridge SMCDSB 63%
McGregor Public School Aylmer TVDSB 54%
Westmount Junior School Etobicoke TDSB 50%
Straffordville Straffordville TVDSB 47%
Gainsborough Public School Saint Anns DSBN 35%
Victoria Cross Public School Mount Forest UGDSB 33%
Bayside Public School Belleville HPEDSB 33%
Victory PS Guelph UGDSB 30%
Good Shepherd Elementary School Courtice PVNCCDSB 29%
École élémentaire L'Harmonie Waterloo CSViamonde 27%
Elgin Court Public School St. Thomas TVDSB 25%
Summers Corners Public School Aylmer TVDSB 25%

This leaderboard is for all schools that have met or exceeded the OSBRC Pledge. Each school on this leaderboard that reaches 100% of their pledge, will receive an equal share of the OSBRC Pledge Prize!

Prize dollar amounts are an estimate based on current tonnage submitted and may be subject to change.

Click here to see the full OSBRC Leaderboards!

The OSBRC Award prize estimate:


Battery Preperation Safety

Most of the batteries that we use everyday do not require any special preparation before recycling. However, we do recommend that precautionary measures be taken when recycling certain types of batteries to reduce any risk of short-circuit.

To learn more about how to safely store and prepare your batteries for recycling, click here.

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Sick Kids Foundation

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge and Raw Materials Company Inc. are proud to be a part of the effort to raise money for such an important charity. Proceeds from this event will help support the SickKids Foundation.

Click here for more information.

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