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If you signed your school up to participate in the Challenge, please download and share this letter (French version) with your colleagues to let them know that your school is participating in the Challenge and that they can download resources for their classes. 

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New Mini Units for Elementary Grades!

Grade 1 Science - Energy in Our Lives

Grade 3 Science - Forces Causing Movement

Grade 5 Science - Conservation of Energy and Resources

Grade 6 Science - Electricity and Electrical Devices

Month-to-Month Action Plan

Use this Month-to-Month Action Plan to keep battery recycling top of mind all year long!

Download the Month-to-Month Action Plan


School Presentations

Our Elementary School Presentation is a great tool to help you launch your battery recycling program. The presentation shares many interesting facts and it can be downloaded and used at your convenience.

Download the Elementary School Presentation (.pptx), speaking points

For older students, download the Secondary School Presentation:

Download the Secondary School Presentation (.pptx), speaking points

Elementary School Activity Worksheet

The Activity Worksheet is a discovery exercise to help younger students understand how many batteries they use around the house. How do they compare with the average person or family? Do they use more or less batteries? It also has some great tips for parents about the proper way to store batteries in the home. Send it home with your students and ask them to share it with their parents.

Download the Elementary School Activity Worksheet


EBC's of Battery Recycling (New)

EBC stands for Every Battery Counts! This handout is a handy aide for students to help them prepare for the Battery Recycling Quiz. It covers the batteries that require tape prior to recycling and some other interesting battery tips and facts. 

Download the EBC's of Battery Recycling


Battery Recycling Quiz (New)

The Battery Recycling Quiz covers the types of batteries that are accepted in the OSBRC and highlights important safety considerations. Download and complete the quiz at school to help prepare your students for Student Mission 2.

Download the Battery Recycling Quiz


Letter to Parents

It’s important that parents understand what their children are participating in at school. To help you fill them in, we’ve put together a simple letter that explains the Challenge and highlights some of the ways that they can help their children at home. The letter also describes to parents the proper way to prepare and store batteries at home.

Download the Letter to Parents

Download the Letter to Parents in French

Green Facts about Battery Recycling

Share these Green Facts about battery recycling. Perfect for morning announcements, these simple facts will help students understand what batteries are made of and what they become when they are recycled. 

Download the Green Facts

Download the Green Facts in French

Student Checklist for Success!

Tips and ideas on how to collect and recycle batteries. The Checklist also highlights the Individual Student Missions where a student’s parent or legal guardian can register their child for a chance to win individual prizes.

Download the Student Checklist for Success

Download the Student Checklist for Success in French

Teacher Checklist for Success!

To ensure that you have all of the tools you need to run a successful collection program, we’ve come up with some useful tips and ideas to help you keep the engagement up all year long.

Download the Teacher Checklist for Success


Tapesters Poster (New)

This poster highlights the single-use batteries that need to be taped prior to recycling at school. It also shows students other batteries that need to be taped prior to recycling, including primary "lithium" and rechargeable batteries. The last two are not part of the OSBRC, but can be recycled at many places across Ontario. 

Download the Tapesters Poster

Download the Tapesters Poster in French

Recycling Posters

Hang posters around your school to keep battery recycling top of mind the entire year. We have posters for both elementary and secondary schools.

Download the Elementary Poster #1 | Elementary Poster #2

Download the Elementary Poster #1 in French | Elementary Poster #2 in French

Download the Secondary Poster #1 Secondary Poster #2

Every Battery Counts Posters

Hang these posters around your school to help keep battery recycling top of mind. 

Download EBC's EBC Poster #1 | EBC Poster #2





Classroom Competition Scorecards

Start an in school competition! Have your classrooms compete against each other to see which class can recycle the most batteries! Use this scorecard to keep track of collections.

Download the Elementary Scorecard | Elementary Scorecard in French

Download the Secondary Scorecard

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