OSBRC Announces Student Mission Gift Card & Great Wolf Lodge Winners!

May 22, 2020

On April 22nd, the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge organized by Raw Materials Company of Port Colborne, randomly selected five student names to receive a $50 Visa gift card for completing all five Student Missions during the Challenge year! The OSBRC also randomly selected one lucky Battery Boss to win a family stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls!

“Each of these students setout on a journey to recycle household batteries to prevent recyclable materials from entering the landfill,” said Sarah Lacharity of Raw Materials Company. “Their actions helped to reduce the negative impacts of improper disposal while supporting their school’s effort to recycle as many batteries as possible.”


$50 Visa Gift Card Winners

The OSBRC by Raw Materials Company randomly selected five names for the 2019/2020 final student gift card draw!

  • Alia of St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
  • Nick of St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
  • Claudia of Montgomery Village Public School
  • Ryan of St. Philomena
  • Kallie of Grapeview Public School

Great Wolf Lodge Prize Draw Winner

Last but not least, the winner of the final Battery Boss draw for a family stay at Great Wolf Lodge was Olivia of St. John Bosco Catholic School! 

About the OSBRC

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge is a recycling competition between elementary and secondary schools across Ontario. The purpose of the Challenge is to teach students and their families how to safely handle batteries at home and at school and how to recycle them when they no longer hold a charge.

OSBRC schools have access to a vast library of downloadable resources including lesson plans that tie into the curriculum, various posters, activity worksheets and more. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 Challenge, the OSBRC introduced new leaderboard categories so schools of equal size could compete in the same bracket. The new leaderboards were in addition to the OSBRC Pledge Prize, where every school that recycles at least 1.36 kilograms for every student and enrolled is guaranteed a prize.

The batteries recycled during the OSBRC are recycled at Raw Materials Company in Port Colborne. RMC sorts the batteries by chemistry using an optical sorting machine. The alkaline batteries are processed using RMC’s patented recycling technology which captures 100% of each alkaline battery to be reused. No part of the battery is sent to the landfill.

About Raw Materials Company

Raw Materials Company is the industry leading battery recycling company whose process achieves the highest recovery and recycling rate in North America. RMC was established in 1985 and employs 50 people in the community of Port Colborne, Ontario.


Lead-acid batteries are the oldest rechargeable batteries still in use today. In Canada, over 98% of all Lead-acid batteries are recovered for recycling.

Find out more about our technology and how together we are turning waste into a valuable resource.