School Battery Recycling Program

We supply 2 and 5 gallon recycling pails and 30 and 45 gallon high visibility drums. We also accept a wide variety of UN certified containers and can provide transportation for any size shipment.

The Ontario Schools Recycling Challenge logoOntario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge is for elementary and secondary schools in the Province of Ontario. There is no cost to participate and there's a chance to win great cash prizes. 

Learn more about the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.


Accessible & Convenient Recycling

We will provide you with all of the necessary battery recycling containers for your school and we'll give you advice about where to place them to maximize participation.


Promotion Support

All of our recycling containers are branded, clearly identifying the acceptable batteries for recycling.

Need help rolling out your program? We can provide you with a variety of print and electronic promotional materials to help you engage your staff and students to increase participation.

Find out more information about battery types and their uses in our Education Centre.


Fast & Convenient Pickup

Once battery collection containers are full, simply call the number located on the container. Pick up can be arranged in as little as 24 hours.

Recycling Efficiency

You spend time and effort to collect and divert your batteries from landfill. You also pay a fair price for recycling. Shouldn't you ensure your hard work and money result in the best environmental performance?

Visit our technology page to find out what happens to your batteries when they're recycled at Environmental 360 Solutions.


Waste Management

The Environmental 360 Solutions recycling facility in Port Colborne, ON, is a licensed collector, transporter, and processor of other lead and mercury bearing wastes such as fluorescent lamps and electronic waste.

Visit waste management and additional services for more information.


Shipping to E360S from the USA?

All battery materials being transported to E360S within the U.S. are subject to Universal Waste Regulations (State Regulations may also apply).

To learn more about the documentation required to properly ship your batteries and other recyclable waste, please visit our US Client Information page.

Recycling Technology

Our clients can rest assured knowing that the batteries they ship to E360S will be recycled using the most environmentally sustainable technology available in the world today.

Learn more about our technology.

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Zinc is one of the world's most commonly used metals. Approximately 30% of the zinc today comes from recycled sources. Environmental 360 Solutions is able to recover zinc from the batteries that you recycle. The zinc we recover is then reused as micronutrients in fertilizer to grow corn for biofuel.

As a result of E360S's recycled materials, farmers are able to increase their yields by over 20 bushels per acre. This is important considering our growing population and the need to make efficient use of our existing farmland.

Find out more about our technology and how together we are turning waste into a valuable resource.