Raw Materials Company 5 Gallon collection container for household batteriesRaw Materials Company 2 Gallon collection container for household batteries

2 & 5 Gallon Collection Containers

Our 2 gallon and 5 gallon battery recycling containers are a great choice for public facing collectors.

The 2 gallon container is small enough to be placed conveniently where batteries are accumulated or sold. Even at the checkout counter where your customers will be sure see it.

Once full, the 2 gallon container can be emptied into a larger consolidation container in a designated storage area. Once the consolidation container is full, simply call the number provided on the pail for pickup.

Raw Materials Company 30 collection container for household batteriesRaw Materials Company 50 gallon collection display for high volume collections sites

Collection Displays

For higher volume collection sites, we also offer a larger, highly visible 30 or 50 gallon display. These displays are tastefully branded identifying the acceptable materials for recycling. It can easily be setup in a corner of a lobby or displayed at the end of an isle.

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Large Generators

Our friendly staff will work with you to understand the types and volumes of battery waste generated at your site. RMC will provide you with the best container options for your unique situation.

2 and 5 gallon collection containers are placed throughout your facility where battery waste is generated. A 30 or 50 gallon drum can be used for consolidation of these containers at your site. For RMC accepts a wide variety of UN Certified Containers.

U.N. Certified Containers - Bulk Battery Recycling Program

We accept a wide variety of UN certified containers including (drums, super-sacks, cubic yard boxes, pails and totes.)

Transportation can be arranged for any size shipment from a pail to full transport loads. We have facilities in the US and Canada and can usually arrange a pickup or delivery appointment within 24 hrs.

RMC receives shipments from all over the world and has recycled materials from the US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Australia.

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Lead-acid batteries are the oldest rechargeable batteries still in use today. In Canada, over 98% of all Lead-acid batteries are recovered for recycling.

Find out more about our technology and how together we are turning waste into a valuable resource.