Additional Benefits of the E360S 5000

100% Yield of Battery Components

100% of the materials are recovered. 84% of the materials are upcycled.

Energy Conservation

It is more sustainable and up to 90% more efficient to recycle zinc, manganese, potassium and steel than it is to mine and produce these materials from ore.

Additionally, when these materials are produced using the E360S battery recycling technology, huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions are also saved.

Reuse of Metals

We produce upcycled premium metals for reuse which effectively displaces the need to mine and refine the equivalent amount of raw materials from ore. 

Crop Generation and Food Growth

E360S' micro-nutrient additive is increasing corn yields by 20 additional bushels of corn per acre. This is an important application to help feed a growing population from finite farmland.

Less Transport = Less Green House Gas Emissions

The premium products we produce are in high demand throughout North America and are consumed in close proximity to the Environmental 360 Solutions recycling facility in Port Colborne, ON.

Most other comparable technologies produce a material that must be additionally refined prior to end use. This consumes more energy, generating increased emissions.

Since our process is mechanical it can be built cost effectively where sufficient battery feed stock is collected (as little as a few million kilograms is required to justify the E360S process) limiting transportation and the associated green house gas emissions.

Supports Specialty Recyclers

Mechanical systems require strict sorting of batteries by chemistry to ensure proper recycling. Sorting results in better control over environmental outcomes as separated battery types can be processed by the best specialty recyclers using technology designed for recycling specific battery chemistries. This increases recovery and limits losses to the bag house or slag of heavy metals.

Scalable Technology

The E360S 5000 was designed to recycle alkaline batteries. Operational and recycling costs decrease as tons collected and treated increase.

Learn how the E360S 5000 process compares to smelting

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Zinc is one of the world's most commonly used metals. Approximately 30% of the zinc today comes from recycled sources. Environmental 360 Solutions is able to recover zinc from the batteries that you recycle. The zinc we recover is then reused as micronutrients in fertilizer to grow corn for biofuel.

As a result of E360S's recycled materials, farmers are able to increase their yields by over 20 bushels per acre. This is important considering our growing population and the need to make efficient use of our existing farmland.

Find out more about our technology and how together we are turning waste into a valuable resource.