Ontario's School Battery Recycling Challenge

Thank you for visiting the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge. You may have noticed that things look a little different this season.

To facilitate a safe and physically-distanced Challenge, we decided to remove all incentives that might encourage students or schools to recycle batteries outside of their own bubbles. Therefore, we removed the Blue and Red Leaderboards and transferred those prize pool allotments to the OSBRC Pledge prize which will now payout 60% of the total prize pool!

All schools that meet the OSBRC Pledge will walk a way with an equal share of the OSBRC Pledge prize. It's that simple! We made a couple changes to the Student Missions in the same spirit.

We want to wish everyone a safe Challenge this year. Please don't go outside your bubble to recycle batteries this season. The batteries that we don't capture this year will be waiting for us next year!

Good luck and stay safe everyone!


Missions Closed

Sorry, the student missions are now closed for the season. Thanks for participating!

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