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Raw Materials Company has processed and recycled 1,259,898¹ kilograms of batteries in Ontario so far this year.

Please remember to take your used batteries to your nearest drop-off location and help to increase this great number.

¹ The above count includes dry cell primary and rechargeable batteries. This is an approximate figure and is re-calibrated monthly.

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Raw Materials Company was established in 1985 on a belief and vision that all consumer batteries need to be recycled responsibly and not discarded into municipal landfills, regardless of type.

Our focus has always been to find recycling solutions that are not only economical, but also solutions that are considered socially and environmentally sustainable. Our technology is forever evolving as we push ourselves to stay on pace with advances in battery manufacturing.

RMC was one of the first environmental companies to receive the ISO 14001 accreditation. RMC has been ISO 14001 registered since 2000.

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What's New at RMC?

July 27, 2017
It's the Little Things that Make Big Things Happen!

Since 2013, Connect Hearing has been providing its customers with a convenient service to recycle the small button sized batteries from hearing aids. 

June 20, 2017
OSBRC Makes Donation to SickKids Foundation!

On June 21st, a delegation from the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge (OSBRC) traveled to The Hospital for Sick Children to make a donation to the SickKids Foundation.

June 16, 2017
Quintilian School Wins Provincial Recycling Challenge!

On June 16th, Raw Materials Company of Port Colborne paid a special visit to Quintilian School of Kingston to award them a first-place trophy and a cheque for winning the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge is for elementary and secondary schools in the province of Ontario. If you want to do something great for the environment and have a chance to win great prizes, you've come to the right place!

To learn more, visit the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.

A stewardship program requires manufacturers of certain consumer products to take financial and environmental responsibility for the end of life management of those products once they reach their end of useful life.

End of life management refers to the collection and recycling of the materials from consumers and commercial generators.

To learn more, visit our Stewardship Programs page.