Courier Back Fluorescent Lamp Program

Recycling Spent Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes

For collection of Fluorescent Light Tubes we offer our Fluorescent Lamp Collection Box Program and for collection of Light Bulbs we offer our Light Bulb Pail Program.

These programs are ideal for a wide range of facilities from manufacturing plants to offices and hospitals. Our programs are completely turn-key and compliant with all U.S. and Canadian transportation and environmental regulations.

Upon receipt of your order form, Raw Materials Company will send you the number of collection boxes and or pails requested. The freight for the full boxes and pails is prepaid by RMC via ARS (automatic return service). Our boxes and pails are clearly and colourfully marked for lamp and bulb recycling and include health and safety information.


  • Delivery of container and collection bins
  • Instructions
  • Return freight by courier
  • Sorting fee
  • Recycling
  • All applicable taxes

Approximately 90 days after the return of your box/pail, you will receive a Certificate of Liability Release/Recycling to serve as notification that ownership of the waste has been legally transferred to RMC.

Our large shipping container (8ft flow box) is capable of holding a quantity of up to 36 lbs. of fluorescent lamps, depending on tube types and sizes.

Once the container is full, call our toll free number 1-888-937-3392 (printed on the box/pail) and notify us that you have an ARS package for pick up.

25 pc - 8 ft. Flow Box holds approximately 36 lbs.

25 pc - 4 ft. Flow Box holds approximately 16 lbs.

Light bulb pail is 5 Gallons

Here is a Printable Order Form.

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Raw Materials Company uses a mechanical process that separates all of the components of a primary battery so they can be properly recycled. The recovered materials are used to make new products saving our earth's finite resources and the energy needed to mine them from ore.

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